Spring Cleaning & Watering

Hello Avenue - Spring Cleaning

Hello Avenue – Spring Cleaning

Right now is the best time to turn on your sprinklers and make sure that your sprinkler systems are working correctly and giving you good coverage at your rental property. It’s also time for your first application of fertilizer or aeration to give your lawn an extra boost, if desired. Historically, we should be past the last freeze and right now is the best time to start gardening, planting or seeding your raised garden.

As we near the rainy season here in Colorado Springs, we also recommend  cleaning out your gutters to make sure the rain water has a clear path away from the property to protect the property itself and your stuff from water damage.

If you need help cleaning your gutters, adding fertilizer or aeration the yard please contact us for a list of vendors. We hope you enjoy the last few weeks of spring!

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