FYI: Voter-Approved Stormwater Billing Starts July 1

Voter-Approved Stormwater Billing Starts July 1, 2018. See the details below.


Voter-Approved Stormwater Billing Starts July 1

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – City officials came together today to remind Colorado Springs residents of the voter-approved stormwater fee, 2A, which goes into effect July 1. The fee will fund critical stormwater infrastructure and maintenance operations and will provide sustainable funding for capital construction, maintenance and operations of the city’s stormwater system, and administration and enforcement of its federally-required MS4 Permit.

All residential units with water services through Colorado Springs Utilities will be assessed a $5 per unit monthly fee that will be collected through residents’ utilities bill. The City has partnered with Colorado Springs Utilities to administer the monthly residential fee on its behalf as it is the most cost effective billing mechanism. Residential units within the city limits without an active water services agreement with Colorado Springs Utilities will be billed through a separate billing agency.

The monthly fee for non-residential parcels will be $30 per acre. Non-residential parcels over five acres will be individually assessed and undeveloped or unimproved land will not be counted as they do not significantly contribute to stormwater runoff.

“Thanks to the support of our voters, the City of Colorado Springs will be able to sustainably operate a first-rate stormwater system and remain in compliance with its legal and contractual obligations,” said Mayor John Suthers. “The voters recognized this urgent need and placed their confidence in the City to efficiently and cost-effectively manage this funding stream and the stormwater program in general.”

With the dedicated funding mechanism freeing general fund dollars, the City plans to hire an additional 20 police officers, eight firefighters and two fire inspectors in 2018. These positions are part of a larger plan to add 120 police officers to the force incrementally, over the next five years.

For more information about the stormwater fee and the City’s stormwater program, visit or call (719) 385-7876. For Colorado Springs Utilities account and billing questions, contact (719) 448-4800.

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