Winter Maintenance Reminder

Seasonal Reminder:
As the nights are getting cooler, you should be thinking about shutting down and draining/blowing out your sprinkler system for the season.

Winter Maintenance Reminder
Winter Maintenance Reminder

If you want someone to take care of this for you, here is one company that provides this service. I used to give 5-6 choices but after calling all of them Superior Systems can get it done cheaper and sooner.

If you want other choices let me know.

  1. Superior Systems – 719 380 8894 

Don’t use sprinkler systems to water during winter months and don’t forget to disconnect all hoses from outside faucets immediately after each use during winter. Failure to do this may result in freezing and broken pipes with resulting water damage inside the house! 

Also, have all gutters cleaned out after the leaves have fallen and service all gas appliances (including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and gas fireplaces) annually, along with any existing air conditioning equipment.

We recommend AAA Angle Pros (391-9365) and Mike Houseworth (648-6825) for gutter cleaning. We recommend Fireplaces Pros – (719) 749-6525 for gas fireplace inspections. Service gas appliances using Gary Randolph of Falcon Heating & Cooling (683-4567) or Parkey’s Heating (594-0991) or Rial Heating & Air Conditioning (719) 592-9608 or Fireplaces Pros – (719) 749-6525 for gas fireplaces.

Don’t forget to change the furnace filter frequently during the heating season. (If you write the date on the filter when you change it, you can judge how often the filter should be changed. Also, I add a reminder to my cell phone because I sometimes forget) This will keep the furnace running more efficiently and keep the air in your home cleaner. 

If your property has a wood-burning stove or fireplace, which you plan to use this winter, you are responsible to have the fireplace checked and the chimney cleaned before using. 

Thanks for your attention to all of the above. Happy Fall!

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