Colorado Springs Late Spring Storm 2022

A few tips from the Colorado Springs Utilities Company. If you need information or assistance with storm recovery, you can call 2-1-1 (or 719-955-0742). Please DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 unless you are dealing with a true emergency. Also, keep us in the loop if you have trees or debris on your roof or property, please contact us or message us through the portal.

Colorado Springs Late Spring Storm 2022
Colorado Springs Late Spring Storm 2022

Colorado Springs Late Spring Storm 2022

Always be prepared.

  • Do you have trees touching an electric line? Call us at 448-4800 for a free tree and utility safety inspection. Line clearance tree trimming will be arranged at no cost to the customer if it is determined that tree limbs are encroaching or threatening the power lines.
  • Create/update an emergency plan with current emergency contact information.
  • Create an emergency kit with water, food, first-aid supplies, and more.

City Resources

Check your local power provider’s website for an “outage map”, which will show you where current power outages are being reported.

Colorado Springs Late Spring Storm Tips

Tips to stay safe while your power is out by:

  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed.
  • Use a generator, but ONLY outdoors and away from windows.
  • Do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home.
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges.
  • Have alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or using power-dependent medical devices.
  • Visit for more tips on what to do during a power outage:

After the storm

  • Check your mast (for homes with overhead power lines). Should an outage occur, your mast must be in working order before we can safely restore power to your home.
  • Clear snow and ice from your natural gas meter to keep it running efficiently. Gently brush the snow off with your hands, broom or brush. Don’t kick it or hit it with a shovel, as this could damage the meter.
  • Keep your exterior dryer vent clear of snow. A blocked vent can create a fire hazard and carbon monoxide concerns.
  • Check your meters for damage. Damaged meters can be a safety hazard, exposing wires or leaking natural gas. If your meters are damaged in a storm, call (719) 448-4800 and we’ll come inspect/replace the meters. For your safety, please do not attempt to tape or repair damaged meters yourself.

Efficiency Tips to Save During a Storm

  1. Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace to keep it operating efficiently.
  2. If you’re concerned about frozen pipes, open cabinet doors with access to plumbing- especially if they are against an exterior wall. The air that heats your home will help to keep your pipes warm.
  3. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. Add a layer of clothes or wrap up in a blanket to take off the edge.
  4. Open coverings on south-facing windows to take advantage of heat from the sun. Close coverings on other windows.
  5. Wash only full loads of laundry and use the cold water setting. If possible, hang clothes to dry.

Additional Preparedness Resources